Wall-Floor Art

  • Apply to painted walls, concrete, carpets, doors & more!
  • Durable slip resistant exceeds ASTMD-2047 standards
  • Safe for pedestrians and tolerates vehicle traffic
  • Quick and Easy to install and remove
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant
  • Sign Muscle® protection for extended sign life
Asphalt Art® stands apart from other graphic floor options with non-slip properties, anchoring adhesive, and printability. Aluminum foil construction with pressure sensitive permanent adhesive back, thin enough to conform to rough, untreated surfaces like stone, brick, and cement. Highly durable handling pedestrian and vehicle traffic with strong anchoring adhesive.
Innovative non-slip material designed with an adhesive backing for easy install and removal indoors on any type of surface.  Non permanent adhesive makes it versatile to position and  leaves no residue upon removal. Designed to use on carpet, tile, wood, metal, doors, painted surfaces, PVC and is ideal for any large wall and floor graphics.
Ideal for shorter term outdoor applications and some indoor usage. Safe for pedestrian traffic and has a slip-resistant, textured surface and maintains its non-slip properties when wet. Applies easily to smooth concrete, asphalt, walkways, parking lots, sidewalks, and even tile, is abrasion and chemical resistant.

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