Solarize Rhode Island

NMC is going GREEN!

We are very excited to be the first business to participate in the Solarize North Smithfield project, part of the larger Solarize RI program.  This program was created in conjunction with the RI State Energy Plan of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2035.  Renewable energy, including solar power, will play an important part in achieving those results, and we will be the pioneer in RI!  The current status of our installation is first strengthen our roof, which started the beginning of October.  The plan is to have this completed within the month and to install the solar panels by Thanksgiving.  Once complete, we expect our carbon footprint to be reduced by over 40%.   On Friday, October 10 we hosted a press event with local and state officials as well as the leadership of SmartPower to kick off the program. Here is some of the press.  See the attached news articles for more information.


Matthew Ray, State Director, SmartPower

Michael Black, President, National Marker Company


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Michael Black and Senator Edward O’Neil


Paulette Hamilton,Town Administrator,North Smithfield

Brian F. Keane, President, SmartPower Marcel Valois, Executive Director, Commerce RI