Slips Trips and Falls

According to the CDC, work related falls account for $34 Billion per year in medical costs. Considering the cost to an employer (loss of productivity, increased insurance premiums, employee replacement and training, etc.), it’s only logical to take the simple precautions necessary to prevent these easily avoided injuries, and in the worst cases, deaths.

NSC data shows that in 2014, 660 workers died in falls from a higher level, and 49,210 were injured badly enough to require days off of work. See below for their stats on falls from height and falls on the same level, by industry:

Construction: 22,330 injuries, 359 deaths

Manufacturing: 23,290 injuries, 49 deaths

Wholesale trade: 14,360 injuries, 30 deaths

Retail trade: 29,530 injuries, 34 deaths

Transportation and Warehousing: 23,780 injuries, 43 deaths

Professional and business services: 23,140 injuries, 94 deaths

Education and health services: 51,150 injuries, 21 deaths

Government: 69,530 injuries, 41 deaths )

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