Scaffold Tag Holders

Acrylic Scaffold Tag Holders

 Scaffolding and ladders are part of OSHA’s Top 10 most cited violations for 2017. There is clearly a need for a product that acts as a warning for workers if a scaffold is under inspection, construction, or repair. Our NEW hand crafted acrylic Scaffold Tag Holders were designed with your safety in mind to alert workers of potential hazards and reduce injury by falling.


The NMC Advantage 

Our economical, hand crafted Scaffold Tag Holders cover the tag on both sides with clear acrylic to provide readability of either side of the tag and ensure it is protected from harsh outdoor conditions. Add a padlock for extra security and to avoid tampering with the safety message. Now there is no excuse for safety procedures to be followed correctly!


Customize it! 

Not only can you customize your scaffold tag, but also the acrylic holder itself! Our digital printing technology allows us to print directly onto the acrylic. Add a logo, graphic, or additional safety message in any color or shape to provide a personal touch. Need additional information or design inspiration? Call or email our custom solution specialists!




Scaffold Tag Holder


Lockable Scaffold Tag Holder