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The New York City Housing Preservation and Development Department has made lots of regulation changes recently. Most of these regulations require that landlords and building owners post a set of notices and signs that keep residents safe and informed. A few examples of these notices include:

  • Video Surveillance – 24 Hour surveillance signs must be posted in an easy to view area of the exterior of the building
  • Boiler Room Contact Info – In the lobby and at the boiler room entrance, a sign including the name and location of the contact who has the boiler room keys must be posted
  • Fire Safety Signs – HDP approved smoke detector requirements are to be posted near mailboxes
  • Floor Number Signs – Each floor number needs to be clearly identified
  • Janitor Contact Info – At the building entrance, the Janitors name, phone number, and address should be clearly posted
  • Disaster Response Signs – Emergency contact information must be located in common areas before a weather emergency, after a natural disaster, and during utility outages that will last longer than 24 hours
  • Required Building Signs – Buildings are required to have clear and well maintained
  • Garbage Notice – Tamper-proof signs indicating the hours and method of trash collection must be displayed in the lobby


For additional information regarding these regulations, click here.