EZ Pull Tags-on-a-Roll come in a durable, tab-lock dispenser box designed for any facility or job site. Available in a wide assortment of legends for any industry or application. Each tag is individually perforated for convenient access, and strong enough to withstand rip, tear or wear! OSHA regulates the form and content of many safety tags, and routinely checks for them during inspections. Ensure workers are informed and protected with EZ Pull Tags-on-a-Roll. New from NMC! 

NEW! EZ Pull Tags

EZ Pull Tags are ideal for quick identification on equipment and machinery

  • Key Features 

    6” x 3” unrippable vinyl, 3/8” hole

    Tensile strength of 3400 PSI

    Custom legends available

    4-Ways to store/merchandise: 

                   1. Store on shelf

                   2. Hang on a peg

                   3. Insert a spindle, rod or pipe

                   4. Keyhole wall mount