New and Improved Label Printers


NMC’s New line of Printing and Free-Cutting Systems

Sourcing appropriate labels can be time consuming and costly, especially when in small quantities or when specifically worded. Now with NMC’s on-demand label printers, you can print what you want, whenever you want!

In addition to our CPM100, we now offer the NEW CPM200 printing and free-cutting machine, which provides CMYK process color printing and free-cutting technology with a max output of 8” wide! Match as many as 260,000 colors customizing communications by importing JPEGs, custom logos, and pictures.


Both the CPM100 and CPM200 run comes with a FREE, user-friendly software download. The MAX PC-EX software provides an expansive clip-art gallery, barcode and QR code capabilities, sequential numbering abilities, and a database link option. You can also customize communications by uploading JPEGs, company logos, and pictures.


CPM200 Consumables 

The CPM200 has a 4 color process technology using CMYK ribbons, allowing you to import and print any photographic image or half tone artwork. Also allows you to match as many as 260,000 colors on demand. The standard ribbons come in a generous 165' lengths and 10 different colors. The 8" wide vinyl rolls come in 33' length and are available in 6 different colors.


CPM100 Consumables

The CPM100 allows 4" vinyl rolls that come in 24 different colors. The vinyl rolls are 33' in length and have a outdoor life expectancy of 5 years. The ink ribbons for the CPM100 come in 10 different colors and are 180' in length.