Green At Work


2018 RI Green Manufacturer of the Year

NMC has always embraced the principles of Green Manufacturing and sustainability, and this year we were recognized as the 2018 RI Green Manufacturer of the Year.


We were awarded this by showing accomplishments in:

Solar Energy:

Installation of 242kW roof mounted solar system providing over 40% of the electricity used at NMC.

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Waste Stream Reduction

Implemented recycling programs for all of our waste,including corrugated, plastic, and aluminum.

Additional Carbon Footprint Reduction:

  • New roof with twice the insulation resulting in a reduction of heating and cooling costs of 15%.

  • Re-lamping of the facility with ultra-high efficiency light fixtures saving over 50,000 kWh of electricity annually.

  • Eliminated the use of solvent-based ink, eliminating our VOC emissions.

  • Investment in print technologies that increase capacity by 4X, while using 25% less energy.