The Project

In July of 2018 National Marker embarked on its most ambitious and challenging project yet: to configure, print and install a to-scale map of long gone New York City streets.

The catch? This installation had to cover 32,000 square-feet of high traffic NYC sidewalks, withstand the elements, and be swiftly removed after a year.

In an effort to “incorporate the architecture of the building with digital media, software-driven lighting, wayfinding graphics, and physical design elements to tell the story of 85 Broad in a vibrant new way”, the design team at FX Collaborative designed an impactful, beautiful, and interactive way to honor historical NYC. With the innovative Asphalt Art material from Jessup Manufacturing, National Marker was able to collaborate with the design team and navigate this new territory in exterior design.

So how did we do it?

With state of the art high capacity equipment, a dynamic and collaborative team, and a lot of planning, the NMC team was able to coordinate a huge and complicated install with fantastic results. Translating the design teams vision into one that could be easily interpreted for installation was a huge challenge that was valiantly tackled by NMC’s Product Design Manager, Meghan Arnold; “I think my biggest challenge was figuring out how to divide the artwork and label each piece and deliver it to the installers, so they could install it as quickly as possible to meet both deadline and the budget”. 

Coordination and collaboration was key when working with the city and the multiple contractors involved. Thom Rooney, the Business Development Manager and on-deck captain of the project says: “New York City brings its own challenges, getting it authorized took 7 months, once we had it authorized we had to get involved with shipping the material there, and finding installers that had the capabilities of doing it.”

Having the foresight and passion to do impossible projects like this, the NMC team made conscious decisions to invest in printers that could handle a project of this magnitude early on, and that choice paid off with the 85 Broad Street Project. With all the careful planning and training, the production floor team was able to flex their machinery muscle and learn what the tools, and the team, were really made of. The results speak for themselves.

Watch how this project came to life!