Asphalt Art

No-Laminate Conformable Foil.The ultimate solution for communication on outdoor and indoor concrete.

The pressure sensitive Asphalt foil is designed to be used short to mid term applications dependent on where the product is applied. The product can be used on surfaces such as Asphalt, Cement and untreated stone. The material can easy be removed from such surfaces and usually without any residues. Asphalt-Art is design to be very robust against abrasion and other influences caused by normal use of the product.

The special adhesive is designed to work outdoor on rough (untreated) surfaces. The high slip resistance allows you to use Asphalt Art almost anywhere-even on stairs. Asphalt Art has been tested and approved in many countries and by the most respected testing labs. But even more important it is tested worldwide daily on practical applications-and it works!



  • Sporting events
  • Parking lots/garages
  • 5-s and 6 Sigma workspaces
  • Gas stations
  • Drive troughs
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Safety identification
  • Shop entries
  • Bus, train, or subway stations

NMC is an exclusive supplier of custom Asphalt Art products. Contact us today for a custom quote.





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