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NMC is adding more value to our safety signs and labels with the addition of our Sign Muscle™ coating, a coating designed to extend the life of the product.

Sign Muscle Protects Against


 How Much Are You Paying To Protect Your Signs?  

Sign Muscle™ coating will protect your signs and labels
from scuffs and scratches, while providing excellent color
clarity and a smooth edge. The UV light inhibitors in the
coating will also protect your product from fading.
Best of all it's at no additional cost!

Please feel free to contact us as we are excited to share our                     
news about Sign Muscle™  


 Inside the Sign Muscle™ Lab!

Want to learn more about Sign Muscle™from
National Marker Company? How about a little
history behind it?

Since our last Sign Muscle™ video generated so much positive
feedback, NMC decided to give you an inside look at the birth
and evolution of this revolutionary new product. Watch National
Marker's own mad scientist, Jim, as he formulates Sign Muscle™
right before your eyes! Make sure to follow National Marker Co.
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/nationalmarker to get more updates.